Ed Sheerans new album released in September

Album Cover

20 year-old singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is set to finally release his first album called ‘+’ (Plus) after being signed to the well-known Atlantic Records in January this year. He has spend years releasing many self-funded ep’s and doing lots of gigs which helped build up his fan base although a large commercial breakthrough happened for him quite recently where his song titled ‘The A-Team’ went to number 3 in the UK Singles Chart. The man is a very talented singer/songwriter and uses a very different style and infusion to other singer/songwriters. He is known to infuse hip-hop and folk and incorporate it all together which suprisingly works extremely well. His album is set to release on the 12th September and includes hit single ‘The A-Team’ as well as the song ‘You need me, I dont need you’ which helped him become a sensation on Youtube due to the SB.TV version he did which got over 2 million views. The young artist is set to have a great number of years and has amazing talent so be sure to buy his album and look out for more of him.


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